Higher Diploma

Visual Arts & Culture

Duration of Study

2 Year(s)

Mode of Study


This interdisciplinary programme offers immersion in contemporary visual arts media and actively engages students with the cultural industries at large. From the conceptual to the practical, this 2-year programme provides a dynamic and vibrant environment that inspires students to experiment with ideas and develop their own artistic language to encourage originality in art creation.

The latitude of experience gained through collaboration and innovation with the arts sector deepens graduates’ understanding of visual arts, culture, curatorial projects and arts management and nurtures them to become professional arts practitioners. This programme also emphasises generic, language and communication skills training; whole-person development; and workplace experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.


  • Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Culture

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English and Communication: Workplace Interaction

MindShift: Achieving Personal Growth & Effectiveness

Information Technology Essentials – Smart Living

Creative and Design Thinking

3D Visual Expression: Object and Space


Introduction to History of Visual Arts

Photography and Moving Image

Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Conversation and Reports

English and Communication: Workplace Correspondence

Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement

Cultural Studies

2D Visual Expression: Image Making

Contemporary Hong Kong Art

Digital Media and Sound

Expanded Studies: Workshop Practice I

English and Communication: Persuasive Presentations

Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement

Aesthetics and Semiotics

Master Class/ Visiting Artist

Expanded Studies: Workshop Practice II

Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Presentations and Promotional Text Writing

English and Communication: Reports

Independent Studies

Introduction to Arts Project Management

Introduction to Asian Art

Visual Arts Research and Analysis

Expanded Studies: Community Art

Enrichment Module

English and Communication: Promotional Materials

Enhancing Competencies in the 21st Century Workplace

Professional Practice: Exhibition and Career Management

World Culture

Graduation Project for Visual Arts and Culture


In collaboration with School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE) and UK universities in Communication Design. By first completing a two-year Higher Diploma and then a final year degree programme, students can earn a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in three years.
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art #1

#1 Introduction
Fine Art is a dynamic subject that it can be showcased through collectives, galleries and public spaces. Contemporary art generates powerful new ideas and platforms for debate. Working as an artist is social, practical, and theoretical, and can involve you in an exciting range of cultural and educational activities everywhere.
Programme Features
High ranking
UWE is ranked 22nd in the UK for Fine Art (The Guardian University Guide 2023)
Board development areas
Fine Art develops your practice in a wide array of areas such as painting, sculpture, installation, performance, video and digital media. Graduates can become artists, designers, curators, arts administrators and educators.

More course details: https://www.shape.edu.hk/course/BA_Hons_Fine_Art


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