Higher Diploma

Advertising Design

Duration of Study

2 Year(s)

Mode of Study


The Higher Diploma in Advertising Design aims to be a top-of-mind programme that focuses on the balance between creative strategy, communication art and production skills. Students experience learning through activities that nurture the creative mind, with competitive transferable skills that develop commercial awareness and consumer insights applicable to traditional and digital advertising and marketing.

Students apply creative strategies to persuasive communication designs that are practically produced for pitching and presentation. Students are trained to become enterprising advertising creatives who are open-minded, playful, confident, compelling and competitive. We encourage students to be observant, courageous and responsive in the ever-changing and highly challenging world of advertising.


  • Higher Diploma in Advertising Design

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English and Communication: Workplace Interaction

MindShift: Achieving Personal Growth & Effectiveness

Information Technology Essentials – Smart Living

Creative and Design Thinking

Advertising Design Studio

Advertising and Marketing Strategy

Advertising Photography

Communication Design in Context: Advertising

Communication Design Studio: Advertising

Design Fundamentals

Digital Imaging and Motion Design

Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Conversation and Reports

English and Communication: Workplace Correspondence

Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement

Cultural Studies

Art Direction for Advertising

Content Marketing Studio

Digital Video Production

Web Media Workshop

English and Communication: Persuasive Presentations

Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement

Aesthetics and Semiotics

Marketing and User Experience Research

User Interface Design Studio

Expert Workshop

Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Presentations and Promotional Text Writing

English and Communication: Reports

Advertising Competition Studio

Communication Design Futures: Advertising

Creative Career: Competitions and Mentorship

Omni-channel Design Studio

Enrichment Module

English and Communication: Promotional Materials

Enhancing Competencies in the 21st Century Workplace

Creative Career: Networking and Portfolio Development

Investigative Practices for Advertising

Graduation Project


In collaboration with School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE) and UK universities in Communication Design. By first completing a two-year Higher Diploma and then a final year degree programme, students can earn a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in three years.
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design #1

#1 Introduction
Graphic design makes a powerful contribution to the cultural and economic life of contemporary society. It exists in the public domain, acts as an indicator of current cultural thinking and is a catalyst for social, cultural and political change. This programme prepares you for an idea-driven, sustainable and flexible freelance practice, or studio career in graphic design.
Programme Features
You will study in a studio environment with professional-standard facilities and the focus on the real-world skills you need to succeed in your career.
More course details: https://www.shape.edu.hk/course/BA_Hons_Graphic_Design


The Centre for Communication Design at Hong Kong Design Institute is an applied research and consultancy hub dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of graphic communication including typography, information design, advertising, user experience design, illustration, brand communications as well as printing and publishing. It acts as a knowledge exchange platform between staff, students as well as external organisations, tightly integrating practice, research, teaching and outreach activities.