Professional and corporate training

We provide part-time professional programmes and tailor-made training courses to organisations. For more details, please visit

Part-time professional programmes

We provide professional programmes of a wide range of graphic design areas including typography, branding and marketing, persuasive strategy, information design, user experience design, digital publishing design and visual manipulation

  • 01

    Professional Diploma in Graphic Communication (300hrs)

  • 02

    Professional Certificate in Brand Promotion (90hrs)

  • 03

    Professional Certificate in Information and Interface Design (90hrs)

  • 04

    Professional Certificate in Typography Design and Application (90hrs)

  • 05

    Certificate in Advanced Typography: Publications (30hrs)

  • 06

    Certificate in Advanced Typography: Designing for Reading (12hrs)

  • 07

    Certificate in Advanced Typography: Multilingual (12hrs)

  • 08

    Professional Diploma in Creative Multimedia Illustration (270hrs)

  • 09

    Professional Certificate in Illustration Studies (90hrs)

  • 10

    Professional Certificate in New Media Illustration (90hrs)

  • 11

    Professional Certificate in Applied Illustration (90hrs)

  • 12

    Certificate in Comic Art and Character Design (30hrs)

  • 13

    Professional Certificate in Design Thinking

  • 14

    Professional Diploma in Community Arts Strategy and Facilitation

Corporate training

We provide tailor-made training courses to organisations on a selection of topics:

▪ Designing usable print and digital documents
▪ Advanced typography
▪ Multilingual typography
▪ Information design
▪ Design thinking
▪ User experience design
▪ Desktop publishing and print production
▪ Calligraphy, lettering and type design

The Centre for Communication Design at Hong Kong Design Institute is an applied research and consultancy hub dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of graphic communication including typography, information design, advertising, user experience design, illustration, brand communications as well as printing and publishing. It acts as a knowledge exchange platform between staff, students as well as external organisations, tightly integrating practice, research, teaching and outreach activities.